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What is Purple Sea Moss? Benefits Of Purple Sea Moss You Should Know

You Should know benefits of purple sea moss, Because of its mineral-dense content, this sea algae has lovingly termed a Superfood. 

The human body consists of 102 minerals and boy oh boy sea moss is packed with 92 of the essential minerals we all need for optimum health and longevity.

Purple Sea Moss Contents

Some of these minerals include:

  • Protein,
  • Taurine (an amino acid usually lacking in vegan/vegetarian diets),
  • Pectin,
  • Potassium Chloride,
  • Amino Acids,
  • Vitamins B12, B1 & B2,
  • Calcium,
  • Chromium,
  • Iron,
  • Magnesium,
  • Zinc,
  • Iodine,
  • Sodium,
  • Phosphorus,
  • Chromium,
  • Copper,
  • Iron,
  • Magnesium,
  • Manganese,
  • Selenium,
  • Molybdenum,
  • and Sulfur.

Sea Moss promotes healthy thyroid function and helps to regulate metabolism.

It enhances blood circulation throughout your body while filtering out harmful bacteria and germs.

With its extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties,

Sea Moss may help to support healthy joints by soothing the soft tissues and promoting motility, and reducing aches such as muscle and joint pains.

There are some more benefits of purple sea moss,

Other Benefits

Improving your immunity cells which helps to protect the body and provides overall support against infections is one of the major benefits of this superfood.

It helps with digestive issues such as gastritis, indigestion, constipation, ulcers, and other complications. 

The abundance of minerals in Sea Moss assists with weight maintenance and gives the body essential minerals to make you feel full and less hungry.

Increasing semen count in men, fertility in women, sexual and reproductive functioning is also one of the major benefits of this mineral-rich food. 

Furthermore, purple sea moss is loaded with zinc and copper which will improve skin complications and provide a glowing and moisturizing effect to the epidermis.

The African Bio Mineral Balance reveals that the bodies of humans are composed of 102 different minerals with specific functions to execute.

These minerals should be replenished through consuming organic alkaline plant food. 

Each Mineral has its unique role to play within the body but there are some that are imperative for functionality and longevity. 

Therefore incorporating this natural organic marine superfood will allow us to achieve optimum health and wellness throughout our days. 

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