Terms of Use

If you wish to cancel your order, you must submit a cancellation notice immediately to soulmineralz@gmail.com before your order has shipped. Our shipping is very quick!

We can cancel your order as long as it hasn’t been shipped from our location. This also includes recurring orders. If your order has already begun its journey to you, it will be your responsibility to fulfill the return process. Once the package has returned in an unopened condition, then we will begin the refund process. 

We notify you 5 business days before your (recurring order) is scheduled to be shipped, so you have the opportunity to cancel, push back, or push forward your order. You can cancel via your online account or by emailing us at soulmineralz@gmail.com.

If your package has been delivered in an unsatisfactory condition from our end, you have 5 business days from the time of arrival to send us an email showing through the use of a picture, that the product or package has been compromised. We’ll then issue a refund or replacement.

 Soul Mineralz ensures the delivery of the product to the address submitted at the time of purchase. Should the customer fail to give the correct address, Soul Mineralz or the delivery services, shall be in no way liable or required to issue a resend or refund.

 If a package is returned and a refund is requested due to not desiring to pay custom fees or ordering from a country that does not allow herbal supplements to be imported, there will be a 15% restocking fee withheld from the refund that will be credited to the card on file. Since it’s a consumable product that you are purchasing we cannot make them available for repurchase due to safety reasons. 

Soul Mineralz delivers no promises or guarantees any specific result or effect from using our Super Seven Multi-Mineral+ supplement. Claims have not been approved by the FDA therefore dissatisfaction with the results of the product will not be grounds for a refund.